Video of the Month

October Videos of the Month



The Region 20 tournament is around the corner, the San Diego sparring clinic is coming up in November, and our San Diego environmental improvement day will be in December. Lots of activities that will lead to lots of growth!

Congratulations to Ms. Greenspan, JJ, and our TSD club! The photo Ms. Greenspan submitted to the Senior Center photo contest won 2nd place!

On to the videos!

Striking Combos and Drills | Chaining Punches into Kicks and Kicks Back Into Punches | Training Tips, 11min 19sec

4 Ancient Karate Techniques For Practical Self-Defense, 10min 12sec

“Bubishi”, the book that connects southern China skills to Okinawa, then karate

5 Red Flags for Weak Abs (FIX THIS!), 12min

That Wasn't Just Water | Ross Edgley's Great British Swim E21, 12min 35sec

“You’re often far more powerful than even your own mind can believe”

This gentleman is swimming around the entire island of Great Britain, including Scotland, England, and Wales (1st time ever done). The E21 in the video title means episode 21. If you become interested in his journey, he did a weekly episode throughout the trip and these are episodes E1 through E24

He completed this trip with a great attitude, humor, gratitude, curiosity, patience, perseverance, and indomitable spirit!

6 hour swims, night swims, jellyfish, “salt tongue”, “rhino neck”, 15000 calorie days, over 500 bananas, 5 months to accomplish (157days)

Tang Soo!