We are Looking for Black Belts

Who are we looking for?



We are looking for people who aspire to be black belts.

We are looking to train, develop, support, encourage, and discover black belts.

So what is this black belt we are looking for?

Perhaps it is helpful to talk about what is NOT a black belt.

Black belts do not brag to those around them that they are black belts. 

Black belts do not show off physical technique in inappropriate venues. 

Black belts are not loud, rude, and selfish. 

Black belts have no need to be flashy, to fish for compliments, to hold their self-importance above the importance of others in their lives.

What Describes a Black Belt?



Black belts have the ability to control themselves. 

Black belts pay attention to their surroundings, which includes paying attention to the people around them. 

Black belts have the goal to better themselves and better the people around them. 

Black belts know that the best self defense techniques are awareness, prudence, and fitness. 

Black belts have internal goals which include increased self-defense abilities, increased health and fitness, and becoming better human beings.

Black belts may never actually talk about the training level they have achieved. 

But people around them will know, will feel, that there is "something" different about them. 

Black belts are more composed and have an inner strength. 

Black belts are confident in themselves, know their abilities, and know which skills to use in which situations. 

Black belts are not over-worried about themselves, so they can aid those around them. 

Black belts know which goals are positive and important and which ones are useless.

Are we Looking for YOU?



If you want to start on the path to self-improvement,

if you want to make some positive changes in your life, 

if you value these changes: to gain fitness, to get better focus, to gain self-defense knowledge, 

to increase your aerobic level, to become more safe, to gain confidence, to challenge yourself, 

to make yourself into a black belt ...

We are looking for YOU!